Consilio stands as one of the most recognised, well regarded and capable eDisclosure, document review and legal consulting service providers anywhere in the world. This is how we got here.

Originally founded in 2002 as First Advantage Litigation Consulting, Consilio was originally focused on providing Forensics Consulting services to multinational corporate clients who were beginning to struggle with the Big Data challenges of electronically stored information (ESI).

With the technology addition from the acquisition of True Data Partners – which built data processing software that had a strength in multilingual document processing – Consilio began to expand its footprint into data processing and eDisclosure services. In late 2005, Consilio launched its web-based review technology, Global RPM, and Secure Data Hosting services.

From 2006 to 2010, Consilio created and expanded its operations in Europe and Asia. We established an India-based operations team to enable follow-the-sun support for our increasingly global client base. That period also saw the addition of a deeper bench of technical consulting resources that focused on providing eDisclosure services and eDisclosure consulting as well as document review services.

In the early 2010’s, Consilio continued its expansion and investment in Europe and Asia in response to client inquiries and the growth of cross-border litigation. This period also saw Consilio’s introduction of its industry-leading Enhanced Audio Review solution, as well as the introduction of text analytics workflows in the Global RPM review platform. In 2013, First Advantage Litigation Consulting rebranded to Consilio.

In 2015 Consilio separated from parent-company First Advantage, taking on Shamrock Capital Advisors as its principal investor. With the support of Shamrock, Consilio added Backstop LLP, Proven Legal Technologies and the Huron Legal practice of Huron Consulting Group. The addition of these complementary business added additional capability and solutions to Consilio. Backstop Predictive Coding software was added to the technology suite, and a litany of legal consulting services and strong technical skills were added from both the Huron Legal and Proven Legal Technologies businesses.