Enhanced Audio Review

Overcome audio discovery challenges with a complete solution to process, search, review and produce

Every day, corporations produce and preserve a massive quantity of audio data. From customer interaction recordings to stored voicemails, audio content is generated and archived every moment of every day. This presents a significant review challenge for lawyers in an eDisclosure cycle.

Not only must reviewers contend with immense volumes of data, the content itself can be challenging. Dead spaces, unclear speech, diffused conversations, languages and accents—all can increase the complexity, time and cost of the review.

Consilio’s Enhanced Audio Review meets those challenges head on with an end-to-end solution that encompasses processing, searching, reviewing and production of audio files. Our clients can achieve defensible results faster and at far less cost than traditional audio discovery solutions using:

  • Audio trimming technology to remove non-talk segments
  • Enhanced online audio player enabling reviewers to see and jump directly to relevant portions of the audio file
  • Full integration of Nexidia’s phonetic search technology to prioritise documents for review and to ensure quality of workflow; download the Integrated Phonetic Search datasheet to learn more.

Consilio simplifies the complexity inherent in audio discovery. And we do it around the globe. Our Enhanced Audio Review solution is fully deployed into our enterprise-class data centres, located in key global markets. This means we are ready to respond today to your audio eDisclosure needs—no matter what your language or location.

For more information, download our Enhanced Audio Review datasheet.

“Consilio’s solution helped us conduct a quick and defensible review of a huge amount of audio evidence while providing best practice advice. We were able to trim years’ worth of empty non-talk time from the collection which helped our reviewers focus on the relevant material. ”
eDisclosure lawyer within a top 20 global bank