Women in Technology Series – Featuring Emma Young

This blog is part of our on-going Women in Technology series.

Emma Young is an eDiscovery Consultant and Account Manager. She has been with Consilio, via Advanced Discovery, for over nine years, but in the field for 18 — back when it was just “discovery” without the “e.” Emma studied business at the University of Southern Queensland and holds Relativity Master and ACEDS eDiscovery Specialist certifications. For Emma, the most exciting parts of working at Consilio are the size of the company and the privilege to use years of experience in her role. She loves getting to be involved in large, global eDiscovery projects with high-stakes, high-value, complex litigation.

Women in Technology - Emma Young Quote

Can you tell us about your professional journey in this industry?

Similar to many people in the eDiscovery industry, I fell in. I accepted an entry-level role, and the rest is history. In Australia, I rose through the ranks, and I moved to London 10 years ago. My experience sort of progressed while on the job.

Moving to London was definitely a pivotal moment in my career as was my next move away from working in law firms when I started with Consilio. For example, I was afraid that my experience in eDiscovery in Australia would not translate over well to the UK. As it turns out, this was not true.

Has gender ever been an obstacle in your career?

I have never differentiated myself as a woman in terms of my career and role. I have always been willing and capable to do what I am asked and never experienced any setbacks due to my gender.

With this in mind, I recall a time a few years ago, where I was invited by Relativity to attend a meeting with their CEO in London and 20 or so fellow executives and senior directors from similar UK firms. When I looked around the room, I realized that I was the only woman in attendance, making me realize that I was somewhat unique in this aspect.

What is your advice for women in a predominately male setting, such as what you experienced?

Don’t be intimidated by your male peers or the fact that you are a woman. Differences are often strengths. Know that you are here as a qualified individual who also identifies as a woman. Know that your knowledge, experience, and ability is what defines you, not your gender.

What does the future of tech look like to you?

The future is going to be contingent on where we will pull data sources from, with eDiscovery. This is based on the scalability and other benefits that cloud computing brings. Six or seven years ago in business litigation, no one would ever look at the phone or chat data. Nowadays, litigation has some form of a chat element to it almost every day. The challenge will be ensuring that as eDiscovery professionals and technology providers, keep pace with the rapid tech developments and trends.