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Expertise working with law firms and corporations to review contracts, understand obligations, surface risk, costs & oppotunities.

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Representative Corporate Transactions Expertise

Contracts are the lifeblood of any business, weaving together the relationships that serve as the foundation for growth. But for organizations that fail to properly inventory the obligations and promises within them, contracts can also represent risk and missed opportunities.

Consilio can help. Our multilingual contract review services enable organizations to inventory, classify and analyze the content of their contracts. Whether your review is driven by a merger, acquisition and divestiture, a contract management system (CMS) implementation, or a response to Brexit or the enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Consilio’s team of global experts can tailor an end-to-end process that meets your organization’s unique needs.

  • Contracts in any language, anywhere – Consilio has reviewed contracts in over 15 languages across three continents. Our large global network of experienced review professionals enables us to find the right people for your project. And with 15 review centers in seven countries and our on-demand review center service, we can deploy a team to review your contracts anywhere you need them.

  • Experienced partners to structure and manage complex reviews – Our team has extensive experience supporting organizations trying to get a handle on the contract challenge. Our contract consultants can help you identify important terms or clauses to surface and build out your requirements. Review experts then embed those needs into a workflow that also accounts for any unique budgetary, language and/or regulatory requirements — including compliance with data security, privacy, and state secrets laws.

  • Review technology & workflows optimized for efficiency & quality – Over 100+ software and database engineers build and refine software solutions to optimize data processing, hosting and review workflows.  Whether leveraging analytics to intelligently predict risk to employing classification taxonomies to assist with contract management systems – our experts can recommend techniques and tools to increase efficiency and accuracy while controlling costs.

  • Manage the review, end to end – For many organizations, the most daunting part of any contract review is actually pulling the contracts together. Consilio’s experts have developed workflows that rebuild your contracts from stray documents and addenda, preparing them for review. And after our experts have conducted the review utilizing our workflow best practices and quality assurance protocols, we can tailor the final delivery to align with the database structure of your CMS, call out areas that require additional review, or even upload the finished work product into your CMS for you.

Consolidating Contracts Post-Acquisition

Consilio Case Study

The Issue

A global telecom recognized that the contracts it inherited from multiple acquisitions could elevate its risk. To that end, it engaged Consilio to review its contracts, inventory critical clauses and prepare the data for upload into its Contract Management System.

Our Approach

Consilio experts began by reassembling the contracts from the documents provided, ensuring that relevant addenda were tied to their master service agreements. We then tapped into our global network to find native-language reviewers with the right level of experience, conducting the review in both Asia, and the U.K. Finally, our team uploaded the results into the company’s CMS.

The Results

Consilio’s contract review team managed the entire process end to end, delivered results that were well within the client’s budget and exceeded its service expectations.

Insights on Corporate Transactions

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