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The Challenge of Complying with China’s New Cybersecurity Law

In a bid to assert control over cyberspace, China passed a sweeping cybersecurity law that affects virtually every company doing business in that country. The law is set to go into effect June 1, 2017. Despite its broad reach and potential for disruption, it appears that very few legal professionals are aware of the law. A 2017 survey by Consilio showed that just a quarter of legal tech professionals are aware of the law. Just 2% are “very aware” and a scant minority (14%) are “very concerned.”

What’s in a password?

Documents are increasingly requiring more complex protection of passwords.  However, if there is a need for a regulatory investigation, the process of automating the decryption of locked documents can quickly become unmanageable.

A Disruptive Technology

Olivier Aelterman discusses how the changes to the Civil Procedure Rules, growing client awareness and a cost-sensitive economic environment are driving rapid improvements in eDisclosure technology.

Rethinking tools

Jérôme Torres Lozano and Todd Mansbridge explore how predictive coding, audio search and other e-disclosure tools are transforming technology-assisted document review.

Managing eDisclosure

New Civil Procedure Rule 31.5A looks set to shake up the disclosure process in England and Wales, with potentially serious  consequences for those not up to speed with the changes by next April, writes Garry

Held To Account by Garry Bernstein

New CPR 31.5A looks set to shake up the disclosure process in England & Wales.  The principle that the costs of conducting litigation should be proportionate and satisfy the overriding objective is long-established in the

Can Predictive Coding Save the World?

August 2012 From keyword searching to email threading, to concept clustering, technology has helped corporations and law firm lower review costs without sacrificing accuracy and defensibility.  A new innovation, predictive coding, promises to accelerate this

Seek and ye shall find by Adrian White

June 2012 With discovery being a major component of litigation in many jurisdictions, the efficient conduct of document retrieval can help litigants avoid a judicial drubbing - and achieve significant savings. (Link redirects to The

Speaking in Tongues by Drew Macaulay

December 2011 English may be the lingua franca of business, but that doesn’t mean lawyers can ignore the rest of the world’s languages – especially in e-disclosure processes for cross-border disputes. Read More (PDF)