Legal Hold Process & Program Development

Consilio’s team is experienced in legal-hold system business requirements, business process design, vendor evaluation/selection and implementation and training for core users, including mechanisms for change management.

Our team provides the foundation for a best-in-class legal hold and collection process. Through the use of proven technology, we reduce the risk and cost across the highest risk areas and drive standardisation, consistency and defensibility across the major sectors of legal operations.

Consilio also is adept in assisting and guiding vendor/tool evaluation and selection, developing recommendations and implementing them, including a change management strategy and training program.

Consilio is not a law firm; it does not offer, and is not authorised to provide, legal advice or counseling in any jurisdiction.

Legal Hold Process & Program Development Resources

Eye On Discovery: The Eight Commandments of Data Preservation

Since the addition of the e-discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in 2006, sanctions for spoliation have risen markedly. This trend seems unlikely to wane now that the 2015 amendments to Rule