Secure Hosting

Securing your company’s most valuable asset—its data


  • Data centres located in the Americas, Europe and Asia
  • All Equinix data centres are either ISO 27001 or SAS 70 Type II / SSAE 16 certified
  • We do not allow any third-party access to our infrastructure

An organisation’s data is its most valuable, most sensitive and, in many cases, most vulnerable asset. When a legal case calls for data to be recovered, clients naturally have concerns and questions about allowing a third party access to that data: where will their data be stored and how? what kind of security protects it? who will access it? how will proper chain of custody be ensured?

At Consilio, we understand your concerns and we take your data – and your trust in us – very seriously. That’s why:


  • All processed and hosted data is stored on servers in secure, monitored data centres. Client data is separated logically by client and by project. Access to our network and systems is controlled, logged and actively monitored.
  • All outside connections to our network and systems route through state-of-the-art firewall and intrusion prevention devices. All of our Equinix data centres are either ISO 27001 or SAS 70 Type II / SSAE 16 certified. Our security measures include, but are not limited to, packet filtering, intrusion detection and prevention and at a minimum the online banking standard of 128-bit encryption. Access can be further limited to specific individual IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses.
  • We are hosted out of world-class data centres managed by a third party who does not have any access to our data or our systems. They do not provide any backup or server-level or application-level support. Within each data centre, our infrastructure is hosted on dedicated racks which are housed in locked cages. We do not allow any third party to access our infrastructure.
  • All the facilities we use are managed and monitored by a combination of: man-trap entry, 24/7 physical and/or electronic security with CCTV and digital video archiving, motion detection and access control through card readers, biometric hand readers and more.
  • Reviewers working on document review projects at Consilio review centres must check in all recording devices, including mobile phones. They are not allowed to bring any paper into the review area or to leave the premises with any work-product material prepared for the review.

Additionally, we are capable of deploying our services rapidly and efficiently to clients anywhere in the world, from offices and data centres in Americas, Europe and Asia.