Information Governance

Comprehensive Information Governance is critical to an organisation’s ability to meet the increasingly complex and demanding regulatory and technological challenges of today. Consilio offers a holistic end-to-end approach to the design, development and implementation of all aspects of enterprise-wide information governance programs, including policy development, enabling technology strategies and business process improvements. Our services include:
  • Assessments, strategies and road maps providing a detailed analysis of an organisation’s current state of information governance and management and an actionable, phased implementation, embedding change management as foundational to success.
  • Information Governance program design and development providing the foundational infrastructure of governance policies, retention schedules and procedures on which all future information-management related implementation activities are built.
  • Comprehensive global regulatory research covering all areas of law affecting an organisation’s business, for all jurisdictions in which it operates.
  • Overall strategies for the management and governance of all records and information regardless of media or storage repository, including unstructured content stored on shared drives, document/enterprise content management systems and SharePoint, email systems, and structured data systems.
  • Consilio’s Sensible DispositionSM service plans for the identification and removal of obsolete data from systems and repositories in accordance with legal, regulatory and operational requirements.

Information Governance Resources

Case Study: Custom Engineering Enables Redaction of Documents for High-Profile IP Dispute

Custom Engineering Enables Redaction of Documents for High-Profile IP Dispute A large collection of documents needed redaction for a discovery deadline. Custom scripting of the redaction tools were developed, utilized, and allowed us