Technology Planning, Selection and Implementation

Building a robust legal technology infrastructure that promotes productivity, collaboration and cost containment starts well before the details of an implementation. Consilio helps law departments lay the groundwork for success by defining a long-term technology vision, articulating how the use of technology will enable the achievement of department objectives and providing a step-by-step roadmap for future implementation planning. The creation of this roadmap starts with a gap analysis of current systems and requirements to identify opportunities to automate, integrate or expand existing processes or tools. Our technology assessments typically include:

  • Focus groups and/or surveys to understand user requirements, processes, use of technology and pain points
  • Recommended future state tool and process improvements
  • Implementation roadmap including prioritized initiatives, milestones and deliverables and ROI justification
Based on a technology roadmap or the law department needs, Consilio will work with the law department to understand its business processes and how those processes can be aided with the use of technology. During selection, our team takes a holistic approach to evaluating vendors. We dive into the details of vendor and product requirements and guide our clients to the best product or service to meet the law department’s needs. Our approach typically includes:

  • Identifying business requirements and assessing available technologies
  • Building a business case to obtain support from stakeholders
  • Creating and circulating RFPs to vendors
  • Aggregating vendor scorecards and providing market insight on candidates
  • Facilitating demos and advising on final product selection
  • Preparing an implementation plan identifying timeline, roles and responsibilities and change management needs
Consilio’s law department consultants have extensive experience implementing the full suite of law department technology. We are certified implementation partners to several industry leading vendors and have award winning innovative designs. Our implementation experience includes:

  • Matter Management and eBilling
  • Document Management
  • Contract Management
  • IP Management
  • Legal Hold
  • Compliance Tools

Our approach focuses uniquely on the needs and best practices of the legal industry, beginning with an evaluation of process and business objectives that we help our clients translate into system functionality. Together, we work with our clients to make technology a partner of the law department, rather than a hindrance, ensuring that system design:

  • Supports the strategy and tactical objectives of the law department
  • Simplifies day-to-day workflows
  • Enables greater productivity and collaboration
  • Facilitates access to information, dashboard reporting and analytics

Our team frequently collaborates with cross-functional groups (e.g., legal, IT, and other vendors) on these projects, and will tailor our approach to your organization. We are equipped to provide end-to-end implementation support, including: project and change management, requirements identification and system design, configuration, integration workflow, data conversion, testing, training and post-deployment support.