Drive effective investigations & compliance workflows with early, cost-effective identification of risk

Early Risk Identification for Investigations & Compliance Audits

Successful investigations define the shape and scope of the risk exposure quickly and comprehensively. While eDiscovery provides a proven workflow, it is often too slow and expensive especially when the issues at hand are still not well known. Additional challenges arise when incorporating communication patterns of
today’s global commerce, involving email, mobile devices and collaboration tools like Dropbox®, O365™, and SharePoint® .

Riskcovery is a platform designed to help investigators and compliance auditors to identify risks early, comprehensively, and cost-effectively ― enabling clients to take action to understand the risk envelope and address situations well before more formal investigations, inquiries, or audits are triggered without the traditional eDiscovery expense.

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How Riskcovery Works

Riskcovery uses AI-driven text analytics to identify topics and concepts within documents, giving investigators a clear view into themes or trends within the data before they know what keywords to leverage:

  • Connect to popular data sources such as enterprise email platforms, Dropbox®, O365™, and SharePoint®, among others to audit data-subsets for relevance.
  • Identify data populations that require special handling / forensic methods.
  • Review early findings and further expand or narrow the approach to achieve the optimal understanding of the risks or issues. Communications and files of material substance can be reported and exported for other workflows.
  • Prioritize collection efforts and assess the most critical evidence.
  • Refine legal hold strategies and ensure appropriate issuance.

Control Risk & Cost Early

Early Risk Identification

This intelligent risk management capability is at the core of our Riskcovery platform. Riskcovery is a patented, proprietary technology that uses advanced analytics to identify risk early.

Using a pre-defined taxonomy which describes specific ideas of interest, Riskcovery finds and categorizes materials with similar meaning. Riskcovery can connect to email servers and can ingest files from Dropbox, Gmail and Google Drive, or from any Windows-based file system. Additionally, ingestion of mobile device data in the form of Oxygen and Cellebrite XML files is supported.

Data Analysis with Riskcovery can dramatically sharpen the focus of internal investigations by quickly identifying potential ethical or procedural issues. Its unique analytics engine functions without the need for dictionaries or thesauri, so Riskcovery can assess documents in any language.

Reveal Possible Issues and Risks

Your Riskcovery expert advisor will work with you, your Counsel, and your Compliance Officer to identify an appropriate representative sampling of corporate documents and email.

These representative samples are then imported into Riskcovery and used to identify documents that are conceptual “matches”. If a customer wants to augment their samples with other related topics or samples of interest, the advisor then applies a pre-defined taxonomy to enhance assessment results. Our pre-defined taxonomies include Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Departed Employee Protocol and sexual harassment, or a custom template created to address your specific GRC requirements using additional documents from your own corpus, or from any data source in the world.

Documents which conform to the taxonomy concepts are categorized for further review and re-analysis. An integrated dashboard provides data visualization to reveal patterns and trends and reports can be generated to support the Riskcovery analysis and findings.

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