Trusted to Perform

To create a trusted next-generation platform, we relied on a decade of experience building and supporting software used on thousands of projects worldwide.

Experience Matters –
A Decade of Learning

100 million documents. 3 billion (with a B) metadata objects. 400 concurrent reviewers. For over 10 years, we have built and supported our own proprietary review software serving our clients’ toughest challenges. Lessons learned from this history and a desire to create a better experience for our clients were the inspiration for innovation in Sightline.

Modern Architecture, Built for Today’s Matters

Harnessing the latest technologies and designs that the world has to offer.

Search That Scales Horizontally

Unlike older technologies in our space, Sightline leverages ElasticSearch as its search engine of choice. That means more horizontal scale, faster reindexes and an engine that performs under tremendously heavy load.

Minimized Database Bottlenecks

Building eDiscovery software for 10 years taught us to minimize database bottlenecks. Techniques that include more data indexed in ElasticSearch for efficient access, more database views for quicker lookups and optimized stored procedures to minimize contention.

Background Processing to Minimize Wait Cycles

Sightline leverages a state of the art queuing engine in order to push heavy-lifting tasks, like ingestions, batch searching, reporting and productions to the background. That gives the user control over the front end so that productivity can continue while those tasks complete. Sightline’s modern notification service lets the user know when background processes are complete.

Latest HTML5-Powered
Browsing Experience

Achieving a modern, clean and responsive user experience meant departing from the dated reviewer experience of a decade ago. Sightline’s document review experience is powered by HTML5 and the latest cross-browser compatible components to ensure interoperability and functionality – without requiring a thin client.

Data Security & Privacy

Trusted by the world’s largest corporations and law firms, the security of your data is our top priority–from our ISO-certified secure hosting facilities to in-platform features that support privacy and joint-defense reviews.

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