Global RPM Web-based Review Platform

Searching, assigning and managing a complex, multilingual review is hard for some, but not for us. And not for our clients.

Every craftsman knows selecting the right tool for a project is the difference between a successful outcome and an exercise in futility.  When it comes to complex, multijurisdictional matters with multilingual data sets, there is no eDisclosure review platform better suited for the job than Consilio’s Global RPM.

Ten Years in the Making

Consilio has been building and using its innovative web-based, eDisclosure review software for more than ten years, supporting over 1,500 matters with Global RPM. Incorporating the experience and knowledge gained from a decade’s worth of projects into our own software is what makes us expert problem solvers: it is ingrained in our DNA.

A Global Solution

As the leading provider of eDisclosure services around the world, Consilio’s Global RPM review platform fully supports multilingual data sets.  With proven service in more than 135 languages including right-to-left and character-based languages, Global RPM meets the most demanding needs of multijurisdictional eDisclosure matters.

Global RPM by the Numbers

  • 10: Years of innovation
  • 1,500: Matters hosted in Global RPM
  • 33: Terabytes in largest database
  • 6 Billion:  Most metadata objects in largest project
  • 120 Million: Documents in largest project
  • 135: Languages reviewed
  • 65,000: Pages in largest document
  • 450:  Most concurrent reviewers in a single project
  • 23: Security groups in a single project database

A Level Beyond

There are a number of options for small-scale eDisclosure projects. But when your matter ranges from 500GB to 5TB and beyond, you need a platform that’s proven to handle that load and still perform for each individual reviewer.  Global RPM has been put to the test helping clients manage review databases larger than 13TB, with hundreds of reviewers, hundreds of assignments, hundreds of productions and hundreds of thousands of search terms.

Administration and Reporting

Review Managers demand transparency.  With Global RPM, review managers can monitor the collections and released document status, peer into assignments to see progress, witness the efficiency of each reviewer, control reviewer activity and so much more.

Analytics and Predictive Coding

Global RPM fully integrates Content Analyst – the gold standard in eDisclosure text analytics – to support email threading, near duplicate analysis, conceptual searching and clustering.  Global RPM also integrates Nexidia audio phonetic indexing, as well as Backstop Predictive Coding software to give our clients a full slate of options and optimise the benefits technology can bring to a corpus of documents.