Women in Technology Series – Featuring Laura Albright

This blog is part of our on-going Women in Technology series.

Laura Albright leads the global Project Management Support team. She has been in the industry for 15 years and with Consilio for eight. She earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin, her dual MBA and Master’s of Science in Information Systems from Claremont Graduate University, and she is also a paralegal.

Laura Albright Quote

What was your process like entering the industry?

It’s always amusing to ask people in the industry this question because no one walks into eDiscovery, they fall in. I was working as a manager of a tech store when one of my employees landed a job with a law firm and told me that I HAD to apply. I didn’t know what exactly this entailed, but I ended up absolutely loving it. This was during the transition from paper to the internet, which also made things interesting.

What are some of the best parts of your job?

To start out, I love the work I do here. It’s great that I can bring a lot of value to my co-workers while working with a team to provide a great end-product to the client. Another exciting aspect of my job is actually the training because it always teaches me something new.

Can you tell us about your unique journey with Consilio?

Consilio has given me many opportunities for growth, which has been one of the prime reasons as to why my journey has been so unique. I went to my boss with the idea of introducing a Consilio support desk, and I continued to push for this. It hadn’t always been such a huge success, however. The beginning was a little bumpy, but we now have it up and running successfully with 19 team members worldwide. This has shown me what leadership means and looks like in practice. We are thoughtful about where we bring value and what this means to the business as a whole.

Another way in which Consilio has promoted carving my own path, was when I stopped to check out one of our offices in Germany while on a trip through Europe. I was curious to see what they were up to and possibly work from there for a couple of days. As a result, I was able to forge a strong relationship with this office. This past year, I ended up splitting 50% of my time in the US and the other 50% of my time in Germany.

What is your advice to women working in a predominately male industry?

My advice would be not to overthink trivial matters, such as whether or not issues arise because you are female. Maintain focus on the end goal, push through the steps to get there, then move on. Do your best to be an emotionally intelligent person, and this will get you far.