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Trusted by the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies to help solve their toughest discovery challenges

  • Deep expertise assisting insurance companies with eDiscovery and law department operations
  • ISO-certified facilities providing flexibility to cover necessary legal / regulatory requirements
  • Specialized software & workflows addressing large-volume of small matters prevalent in investigations, litigation, and claimant challenges
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Insurance companies today encounter legal challenges from many vectors: internal investigations, claimants, other insurers and stakeholders, class-actions, and regulatory bodies. These types of litigation can significantly increase cost and risk exposures, especially as insurers face the prospect of large volumes of data collections, repetitive document reviews and work product creation. Consilio’s expert advisors possess the industry-specific knowledge and proven efficient workflows and technology solutions to better manage matters and leveraging work product reuse to increase efficiencies.

Consilio’s advisors bring significant insurance-specific expertise leveraging proven technologies, refined and defensible workflows to help eDiscovery and legal operations run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether employing data repository solutions with work product reuse to self-service eDiscovery platforms specifically geared to address large volumes of small matters, our clients have experienced significant cost savings, better operations and reduced risk.

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