Data Collections

Securing your data regardless of device, location or file type


  • Multiple toolkits used including AccessData FTK® and Cellebrite®
  • Can collect data any location anywhere in the world
  • Can collect data from desktops, laptops, mobile phones, cloud-based stores and apps

When a legal matter requires data collection, organisations are naturally concerned that an outside team will understand the mandate, cultivate strict collection protocols and be reasonably priced. Consilio covers all the bases while maintaining a client-centric approach from start to finish. After consulting with the client to identify the location, format and volume of potentially responsive data, we then work to construct the most cost-effective collection strategy possible. Throughout the process, we are always available to advise on any data privacy or jurisdictional considerations that may arise.

Consilio uses a vendor-agnostic approach to collections, combining well-established collection methodologies with a flexible set of tools and procedures. This allows our global collections team to customise our response to fit the situation, taking great care to avoid disruption of a client’s business operations. We liaise between legal counsel and the client’s IT staff to maintain proper records and comply with all agreed-upon collection methods. Every step of the way, our practices and protocols maintain an airtight chain of custody, preserve metadata and avoid any claims of alteration, ensuring the data can be properly authenticated in court.

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