Managed Services

Manage your eDiscovery workflow with a custom-designed solution providing scalability, security and efficiency at a predictable monthly cost


  • Reliable and secure data processing & hosting
  • Custom-designed solution to meet your workflow needs
  • Proven workflow automation tools & processes that promote efficiency
  • Cost savings and expanded capabilities over alternative approaches

Properly supporting eDiscovery workflows demands significant investments — capital to build out installations and redundancies, time to develop best practices and operating budgets to recruit, train and retain specialists — all with efficiency, scalability and security in mind. These investments, exceeding millions of dollars and years of effort, are inaccessible to most organizations. With Consilio Managed Services, leaders in law firms and corporations leverage our multidisciplinary project team, robust & scalable global infrastructure and workflow automation and innovative technologies to meet eDiscovery needs at a low, predictable monthly cost.

Flexible Solutions Designed to Meet your Needs

Have power users that want to process and upload data? Need our support team to handle overflow administrative tasks? Our flexible Managed Services model provides cost-savings and support infrastructure when and where you need it without burdensome terms and associated costs. A Consilio executive can explore your needs and walk you through an ideal solution that works for your organization.


Better Review Software

Consilio Managed Services offers the choice of two market-leading review platforms to support your workflows. Available per-matter or as a standardized selection, choose between our enriched Relativity hosting experience or our proprietary Sightline eDiscovery platform.

Support your entire matter lifecycle with early case exploration, analytics-driven data investigation and smart end-to-end review in a unified platform trusted to perform.

  • Review 10-30% faster with tools optimized for coding efficiency and accuracy
  • 70% fewer service tickets with powerful Do-It-Yourself Tools
  • 40% faster production cycles
  • Sightline Analytics, fully integrated at no additional cost

As one of the largest Relativity hosts in the world, Consilio has developed innovations that improve efficiency and enhance the Relativity experience. These innovations include:

  • Automated data loading
  • Automated TIFFing
  • Automated data overlays
  • Automated data transformation
  • Custom, augmented STRs
  • Milyli Blackout redactions
  • LSI language translations

Insights on Managed Services