Analytics in Sightline

Sightline deeply integrates analytics-driven tools and processing into an intuitive user experience so you can finally being to realize significant efficiency and quality benefits in your workflow.

Understand and Act on Documents by Concept

Visualize conceptually-related documents within conceptual clusters and refine keyword searches, find hot documents and prioritize your review

Select and Filter Documents To Analyze

Run cluster analysis on any selected sub-population of documents –
identified in a search result set, or a folder.

Zoom Into Selected Clusters

Drill into clusters to look at sub-clusters, or overlay heat maps to see where documents of interest live within the visualization

Select Clusters of Documents and Act

Select multiple clusters of interest into your selection cart and take action – tag them, folder them, assign them for review

Smarter Reviews. Just in Time.

Software should make the case team smarter and more informed. Sightline fulfills the promise of analytics by informing the case team when other documents ought to be kept in the same assignment batches, and define the optimized sort order of documents – using analytics – in order to promote coding speed and coding consistency to minimize QC cleanup headaches.

Smarter Search Results

Search results in Sightline are designed with efficiency in mind.  Informing the case team of documents related to pure search hits that can be reviewed together to optimize coding speed and coding quality.

Action Similar Documents

Expand document selections to maximize efficiency at the moment of batch creation

Optimized Sorting of Documents for Review

Review Managers set the Optimized Sort order so that reviewers are most efficient

Analytics Superpowers Not Included

Analytics tools can be activated in the document review experience, providing reviewers with ability to review and code more efficiently.

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