Sightline for eDisclosure

eDisclosure is complex and difficult. Technology should be designed to reduce the burden not add to it. We built Sightline to help case teams be more efficient – to cull more, prioritise better and review faster with lower cost – taking the stress out of eDisclosure.

Demystify Your Review

For review managers, knowing a review’s progress, activity levels and outcomes should not be mysteries to solve for. Sightline is different from other eDisclosure software platform by making everything about your review transparent, with reports that are customizable and shareable – without the need for service calls – so case teams are no longer in the dark.

7 Different Standard Review Progress Reports

Understand overall review progress

Customise and save your own reports based on your preferences

Share your customised reports with others on the case team

Share your reports with others inside Sightline or outside via email

Automatically schedule your reports to run and distribute in the future

Compare reviewer time on task and productivity to others

Export work product or metadata for selected records

Audit the activity of any user or any document

Smarter Reviews. Just in Time.

Software should make the case team smarter and more informed. Sightline fulfills the promise of analytics by informing the case team when other documents ought to be kept in the same assignment batches, and define the optimised sort order of documents – using analytics – in order to promote coding speed and coding consistency to minimise QC cleanup headaches.

Smarter Search Results

Search results in Sightline are designed with efficiency in mind.  Informing the case team of documents related to pure search hits that can be reviewed together to optimise coding speed and coding quality.

Action Similar Documents

At the moment of actioning a set of documents, Sightline recommends related documents (family members, e-mail threaded docs & textual near duplicates) to include so case teams are better informed and more efficient.

Optimised Sorting of Documents for Review

For faster review speeds, all email records and their children should be reviewed together along with textual near dupes.  Sightline allows for optimised sorting of the review order so documents can be reviewed in context – reducing cost without compromising comprehension.

Achieve Coding Speed and Coding Quality

It’s human nature; the faster you go, the more prone to mistakes you are. Sightline defies nature with tools designed to structure and execute reviews for efficiency, increase coding speed and reduce reviewer fatigue. The end result? Faster coding speeds without sacrificing coding quality.

Optimised Document Sorting

Review Managers define the Optimised Sort of documents so that reviewers spend less time bouncing between unrelated docs.

Progressive Coding Forms

Coding forms present decisions in a progressive, logical flow, instead of everything-at-once — reducing the time and mental burden of unnecessary coding decisions.

Coding Stamps and
Code Same As Last

Reviewers reach a higher “cruising altitude” with personalised one-click tools to reduce fatigue-inducing repetitive coding actions.

CodeSync Similar Documents

Reviewers can code entire families, email threads or textual near dupe groups as a unit, so consistent coding is applied to all selected documents instantaneously.

Show. Don’t Tell.

From personalised dashboards to customised, self-service reports, Sightline features in-the-moment visualizations that engage and tell the data’s story.

See the velocity of your review

See your project, end-to-end

Understand progress on assignments or batches

Expose phonetic hits in audio files and jump right to the heart of the conversation

Understand entire email threads in a moment

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